Not Just a Lawn Care Expert: We Offer Gutter Cleaning Services, Too!

Frank Lopez & Sons Lawn and Garden Maintenance is known as a reliable and experienced lawn care expert in Eugene, OR. However, we don’t stop at helping our clients create their dream gardens — we also assist them with cleaning their gutter systems! Call us to use our professional gutter cleaning services!

Why Gutter Cleaning Should Be a Part of Your Home Maintenance Routine

A lot of people basically ignore their gutters. However, if you own a house, you shouldn’t make this mistake! Remember: your gutters allow rainwater to easily flow away from your house so it won’t damage your roofing, siding, and house foundation. If your gutters get blocked with debris, water won’t be able to flow through it, which means that it can accumulate inside the gutters and eventually seep into your roofing system, splash onto your siding, and drip into your foundation. When this happens, your house can develop severe water damage that’s difficult and expensive to fix.

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DIY Gutter Cleaning: Is It a Great Idea?

Technically, you can clean your gutter system on your own. In fact, plenty of homeowners remove dirt and debris from their gutters all by themselves. However, the DIY approach can be dangerous since it requires you to work at height and puts you at risk for falls and other accidents. If you make a mistake along the way, you can also end up damaging your gutter system and even your roofline.

To avoid this scenario, you’ll want to hire gutter cleaning experts like us. With our tools and expertise, we can remove dirt and debris from your gutter system without causing any property damage. Of course, we’ll complete the process in a quick and efficient manner, which means you’ll have clean and clog-free gutters within the shortest possible time.

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Frank Lopez & Sons Lawn and Garden Maintenance is the right company to call if you need help with gutter cleaning. Dial (541) 525-3345 now to book an appointment with us! You can also reach out to our team in Eugene, OR if you need the assistance of a professional lawn care expert.

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