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Your home is a reflection of your character. In fact, it leaves a pretty strong impression for you. As such, it’s normally a wise idea to keep your home look as appealing and well-maintained as possible and that includes the surrounding property too! After all, this is the first thing that visitors see as they enter your property. What’s the quickest way to go about making your home unique? Below are the 3 main reasons you have to work with Frank Lopez & Sons Lawn and Garden Maintenance and our garden designer in Eugene, OR.

Have unique ideas

When you think of lawn design, you think of mowing the grass, trimming the hedges, and tending the garden. Yet, out landscapers will envision the fastest ways to make your home look dazzling. We want to see your garden explode with colors as well as strive to make your yard the neatest on in the community. We suggest means to make the house stand out from the rest with the use of clever designs and tricks. Our landscapers will have a passion for the work that they do and that’s worth your investment.

Local Garden Designer in Eugene, OR

Have certificates

Local laws state that a contractor obtains a special license in their work specialty when offering their services. Licensing will entail checking the knowledge, background, and experience of the garden designer. Landscapers that obtain a license must also have the bond that protects you in the event of a claim against the firm. Insurance protects the firm in case of an accident. It’s important for you to consider these elements if you hire landscapers. On the contrary, if you decide to employ unlicensed contractors, you can be dealing with a scammer, lawbreaker, or anyone who claims capable of this job!

Are affordable

Our landscapers are able to advise you on the best layouts that make use of the correct amount of materials. Non-professionals will most likely underestimate or overestimate the materials and labor required to build your outdoor living area. Thus, you’ll end up spending more to buy additional materials or be left with money invested in materials that were unnecessary for the project.

If you need professional local garden designer service in Eugene, OR, give us a call at (541) 525-3345.

If you need the assistance of our garden designer in Eugene, OR, call Frank Lopez & Sons Lawn and Garden Maintenance at (541) 525-3345.

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