For Our Lawn Service Procedures, We Use Organic Fertilizers

Are you having trouble keeping your plants in a healthy condition? Have you tried using other alternatives like switching to organic fertilizers? This is a better way to give your plants the nutrients they need. But if you want professional help, there’s one reputable company who you can trust and that is Frank Lopez & Sons Lawn and Garden Maintenance. With our lawn service in Eugene, OR, we can tend to our clients who are near the area.

Organic Fertilizers in Eugene, OR

Advantages of Using an Organic Fertilizer

When it comes to lawn maintenance, people would sometimes use synthetic fertilizers because it’s cheaper and can give good results right away. But when using organic fertilizers, your plants will be growing properly and will last longer. This is one advantage of using organic fertilizer rather than using synthetic ones. When using an organic variant, the plants release their nutrients slowly in the soil, when the plants need them, so they last longer. This is the best way if you want to save yourself the hassle of maintaining them more often. Another good advantage with organic fertilizers is they are less likely to burn the young roots of the seedlings. Using synthetic fertilizers do the opposite effect and it’s going to cause you future issues and expenses as well.

Let Us Take Care of Your Plants

You can definitely rely on us to take care of your plants because our landscapers have been trained to properly do the job right. When we apply organic fertilizers, we make sure that we spread them evenly so that each plant will be able to grow well. We make sure to use the right fertilizing techniques and methods to ensure that your plants get the most out of the fertilizer in order to grow healthy.

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If you want your plants to be taken care of the right way, don’t hesitate to call Frank Lopez & Sons Lawn and Garden Maintenance right away. With our lawn service, we can assure you that the health of your grass will improve significantly. You can contact us at (541) 525-3345 for future lawn care jobs. You can also visit us in Eugene, OR if you need to talk to us personally.

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