Remove Moss — Hire a Landscaper for Backyard Maintenance!

Have you been finding it difficult to remove the moss from the roof of your property? Don’t want to do the maintenance right? If this is your situation, you can always just hire a professional landscaper to do the job for you. This way, there’s no need to worry about anything as they’ll be the ones to deal with the moss and other issues that are causing all kinds of problems. But if you’re not sure which landscaper to consider, get in touch with landscapers from Frank Lopez & Sons Lawn and Garden Maintenance for backyard maintenance. We can professionally remove the moss on your roof in Eugene, OR.

When Removing Moss

You have to be extra careful when trying to remove moss from your property. Some mosses grow faster than others, but all of them have the same goal and that is to live on your property. If you remove all of them, you’ll end up damaging the moss on your roof or destroying the plants altogether. This is why it’s smarter to rely on experts like us because we are experienced and equipped with the right tools for the job. We are also trained to know the best way to remove the moss without damaging anything around the roof.

Leave the Moss Removal to Us!

Our roofing moss removal service assures clients that we’ll be extra careful when removing the moss from the roof of their property. First, we’ll come equipped with a ladder so we can get up on the roof. We’ll then proceed to remove the moss that is covering different parts of the roof. We’ll gather them up and take them away from the roof to prevent them from growing again. If you don’t want moss to grow on your roof again, you know who to call to get the moss removal services you need.

Frank Lopez & Sons Lawn and Garden Maintenance is a name you can trust when it comes to removing roof moss. Are you dealing with moss on the roof of your house in Eugene, OR? There’s no need to hesitate in contacting a landscaper for your backyard maintenance. Feel free to contact us at (541) 525-3345 today so we can start with the moss removal right away.

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